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Respectful Travel & Why It’s More Important Than You May Think

A few months ago, a couple of guys (henceforth referred to as morons) were arrested in Thailand for undressing in front of a sacred temple. They were duly detained, held for a week and then promptly deported. They had faced jail time and, frankly, they probably should have been more severely punished. Anyone who has Read More

42 Things I’ve Learned in 42 Years

My birthday is just a couple of days away marking an established presence in the fourth decade of life. Every year I write about what I’ve learned as I get older, reflect on mistakes made and what I think the future holds in store. Today is a little different though and it’s due entirely to Read More

What Does and Does Not Matter in the Travel Experience

I’ve been blogging about travel for almost 8 years, which is generational in the digital world. I’ve seen lots of changes over those years, both positive and negative. In general, I try to ignore what other online writers and photographers are doing and instead concentrate on my own work. Lately though I’ve seen so much Read More

No, Successful People Don’t Have New Year’s Resolutions

For a few years I wrote dozens of posts here on LandLopers all geared towards helping people find and pursue their passions in life. The reason isn’t entirely altruistic, it’s because I was going through the same process in life and, frankly, the posts were a great outlet for me. A good travel blog is Read More

My Favorite 2017 Travel Experiences That Were Just Plain Fun

It’s that time of year again, when we all reflect on the previous 12 months and for me that means reflecting on the great travel experiences I was fortunate enough to enjoy. Today I want to do something a little different though. Rather than highlight the most amazing, transformative experiences I want to instead share Read More

Experiential Luxury Travel – My Top 2017 Moments

The term “experiential luxury travel” has actually been around for a long time; in fact one of the companies mentioned in this post first made the term popular. Lately though this style has taken on a new life of its own and it’s not just popular, it has quickly became the de facto way in Read More

Why December Is A Great Time To Visit Europe

An appropriate subtitle for this post would also be “Cities Where I’ve Never Seen The Sun But Love Anyway,” but that might be a little unfair. I’ve made it an annual tradition to spend time in Europe in December, at first to visit Christmas markets but now it’s just one of my favorite times of Read More

Traveling as an Introverted Extrovert

When I was a very young professional, the company I worked for had us all spend a day going through the Myers-Briggs testing process. If you’re not familiar with it, Myers-Briggs is a sort of personality test. Based on how you respond to a variety of questions, you are then scored as to how you Read More

18 Places You Should Visit in 2018

It’s hard to believe, but 2018 is almost here and in keeping with my year-end post traditions, I thought I’d share a few places I think everyone should visit in 2018. Some are obvious choices, others a little more unexpected but all are amazing places to discover for one reason or another. Also, these are Read More

13 Travel Questions and My Answers

I was looking through old posts recently and realized that I haven’t devoted a post to answering your questions lately. I get emails and direct messages all the time and while I can’t respond to all of them, I feel that posts like this one help answer many of those travel questions. This is the Read More

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