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Auks transform Arctic ecosystems.

Little auks are the supreme ecosystem engineers of the High Arctic. Many other seabird colonies have the same effect, but these extreme climates are highly likely to be affected by global warming. The more northerly ecosystems such as these have no alternative site left because you cannot get any further north! Svalbad little auks; Credit: Read More

Tiger, leopard and dhole share resources in India

The3 carnivores from the study are often considered only as separate species. Here is a unique opportunity to examine their real lives. Within their protected rainforest their lives become a fascinating story of day—to-day interaction with prey, shelter, water supply and—the other predators. ”Red dog” – Dhole image; Credit: © Shutterstock Carnivore and other guilds Read More

Intriguing leadership roles in orcas linked to evolution, even in humans

The ecotypes of killers live in many places around the globe, with Hebridean population decreasing (our story from the “West Coast Community” is at: Orca’s Hebridean Overture, while Norwegian, Icelandic and several Pacific communities prosper rather better. This enthusiast is in the Antarctic enjoying the provision of ample food supplies in the form of Weddell Read More

Social interaction in vervets/its relevance to humans.

The vervet monkeys can be an aggressive lot, always picking fights, especially where food and territory is concerned. And the males are the fighters of choice although the females find it hard not to get involved. Doesn’t that remind you of another not-entirely-unrelated species? Vervet image; Credit: © Wouter van Vliet on Wiki (CC) Women Read More

Tremendous cognition in tool-making, etc., in a cockatoo.

The Indonesian Goffin’s cockatoo, also known as the Tanimbar corella,(and Cacatua goffiniana has recently been exposed as an inveterate tool user and problem solver, so we are please d to see this paper today. Hopefully, more amazing animal behaviour will be forthcoming as we finally realise just what intelligence exists outside our own.Goffin’s cockatoo image; Read More

Whale cultures rule in Galápagos.

The toothed whales have one titan among the giants. The incredibly able sperm whale dives deepest, communicates copiously and hangs about in gangs to ambush giant squid. The clans here have dialects that identify distinct “languages.” Sperm whale image; Credit: © Shutterstock The culture of sperm whales, their language and even their dialects, has been Read More

Earthquakes and ‘wise toads’ predicting them

Common toad via Shutterstock Rachel Grant of the Open University and several other researchers have attempted to solve an age-old problem. The multiple effect of O– ions on rock, air ionisation and water, as they leave their silicate home and become “positive holes” has created myths about animals and others for thousands of years. The Read More

Danger reassessment of some dormant volcanoes needed

It has traditionally been accepted that once a volcano’s magma chamber had cooled down this was the sign that it had become dormant and that it was likely to remain so for many centuries. But research published in the latest edition of Nature casts doubt on this hypothesis. A theoretical model developed by Dr Alain Read More

Penguins smell good – who knew?

Anyone who’s ever visited a penguin exhibit at the zoo probably knows the cute little sea birds have a distinct, shall we say pungent, smell to them. But new research indicates that they while they may not smell good, they smell very well. Scientists at the University of Chicago and the Chicago Zoological Society report Read More

New research suggests dinosaurs were warm blooded and active

New Research at Australia’s Adelaide University suggests that contrary to some beliefs, dinosaurs were active and even fast-moving creatures, not cold-blooded and sluggish. Professor Roger Seymour from the University’s School of Earth & Environmental Sciences has applied the latest theories of human and animal anatomy and physiology to provide an insight into the lives of Read More

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